Complete Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Patient Testimonials

"I had severe pain in my left leg which prohibited my sleeping. I came here due to my daughter's advice. After two weeks, the pain was gone! Complete Chiro does indeed perform miracles." - Joyce B.

"Dr. Jessica's practice would be a great role model for not only medical establishments, but for any business or service provider. When you walk in, the atmosphere is wonderful - everything is clean and well appointed, the staff friendly and well-trained, and just a pleasant place to be. She is a great chiropractic doctor and has really made this older (82) woman's life much more comfortable and happy. She is GOOD! This lovely lady also does community work. We are fortunate to have her." - Julia L.

"I began seeing Dr. Brière two years ago after moving from Ohio. I had been seen for years by a fabulous chiropractor in Ohio who solved my lower back pain that improved my life significantly. I visited and interviewed several chiropractors here locally and did much research. I chose Dr. Brière and to this date have been very pleased with all of my visits. She knows exactly what she is doing, is highly professional, is a good listener, and respects her patient's time. In addition, one of her massage therapists, Marie, does massage therapy for me monthly before my adjustments, and she is without a doubt one of the best therapists I have ever had. Stacy and Brittany handle the front desk and are always pleasant, cheerful and attentive. Dr. Brière and her staff have exceeded my expectations in every way; I actually look forward to each one of my monthly visits."
- Tim F.

"I started my treatment in early February of this year [2015]. I came to Complete Chiropractic with a very sore neck, for which I was having to take Aleve every morning. My treatments, three times a week at first, consisted of a therapeutic massage and an adjustment by Dr. Jessica. I was in really bad shape and within 3-4 weeks, I was being treated only twice a week as my neck pain had improved. Continued improvement without medication in those first 3-4 weeks actually strengthened me and I now only come for treatment once every two weeks. I am pain free and have been for the past 2 months."  - Carla H.

"I started coming here several months back when everything I had tried failed. I had six weeks of therapy from a PT that didn't help at all. I had a epidural that did not hing. After being at my wits end, I decided to try Dr. Jess. I have had amazing results. I am not completely at the top of my game, but well on my way. I would highly recommend when you start don't give up after a few weeks. This staff rocks in every way. The massage therapist is outstanding and so is the front desk." - Dottie K.

"This wonderful staff has been able to maintain my spinal and skeletal health over the past 3 years. I've grown to depend on their care and good cheerful spirit, week in and week out. The positive energy is incredible and Jessica's teachings and coaching have been very helpful in my attentiveness to healthy practices."  - Frank C.

"Don't you love it when you cry out 'Help!' to someone, and you get it? I do! A person is as young as their spine is flexible. Thanks to this staff of people, I'm a young 74!" 
- Evelyn T.H.

"Oh, how I wish that I had found Dr. Jessica and her girls five years ago! To feel as good as I do now in less than 6 months is somewhat unbelievable! I had been to a neurologist, two orthopedic surgeons, and a nationally known neurosurgeon in Atlanta; all of whom essentially said the same thing - 'other than surgery, there's nothing we can do.' And then, thank goodness, I found Dr. J and her team, who informed me differently and treated me to where I am now almost pain free."  - J.J. S.

"I was 48 hours away from going to the ER with headaches, pain in my arm and several of my fingers on my right hand going numb. Between therapy and adjustments, I am happy to report the numbness is gone and the everyday headaches are a thing of the past. I cannot say enough about the knowledgeable and friendly staff and how much my quality of life has changed now that I am not living in pain every day."  - Nicole K.

"Awesome, fun, cool, caring, knowledgeable, easy to work with and talk to! Those are only a few of the words that express my thoughts and feelings about the staff at Complete Chiropractic. When I started here, I was very uncomfortable with my whole body, but after receiving several massage treatments and adjustments, I am feeling much better each week that I go. Their caringness to want to make you feel better is outstanding! I would not go anywhere else!"  - Karen M.

"In 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Jessica had already given us our life back, and now I needed her more than ever. She was there with plenty of loving support and tender care. Now, all of Bobby's problems and mine, too, and under control. We walk two miles per day. A big thank you to Dr. Jessica and her staff. We love them very much."  - Lorene and Bobby K.

"I have had osteoarthritis for several years. The pain moves to different parts of my body. Sometimes, the pain in my legs is so severe that it is hard to walk. Dr. Jessica helped me from the beginning with all of this pain. Her support and treatments have enabled me to live a better life. I am very appreciative for all Dr. Jessica and her staff have done for me." - Zelma L.

"I am a 65 year old male who had a partial knee replacement surgery. I began treatment at Complete Chiropractic in late September of 2012. The results have been dramatic. The treatment I received eliminated my back problems and restored at least 95% of my knee function. I would recommend Dr. Brière and her therapist, Marie, to anyone."
- Troy J.

"I am so happy to have found Dr. Jessica. I have several health issues [and] with Dr. Jessica's gentle chiropractic technique and the massage therapy that she offers... I have come a long way in my continued healing." - Susan R.

"We've been seeing Dr. Jessica for years. In the beginning, we [were] both in a lot of pain. [We] feel much better. [We] keep on maintenance every two weeks at least. If needed, more often. We love Dr. Jessica. She's great!"  - Tonya and David S.