Complete Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Our Services

Initial Visit

The initial visit consists of an in-depth consultation with the doctor, physical examination, wellness assessment and necessary X-rays.

Wellness Assessment

In addition to the typical physical examination, the wellness assessment determines the level of fitness, BMI, % body fat, resting metabolism and internal age.

Body Age Screening

Complete evaluation to determine the actual age of your body.

Report of Finding

Following the initial visit, the doctor will go over the results with the patient. We believe that understanding the problem is the first step to a full recovery.

Chiropractic Adjustments

There are multiple ways to adjust or realign the body. Multiple adjusting techniques are utilized in this office with an emphasis on hands-on chiropractic care. Each treatment is personalized based on your health condition and preferences.


Manual Therapy

Trigger point therapy and mobilization performed by a licensed massage therapist, often used in conjunction with the adjustments to accelerate the recovery of injured muscles.

Massage Therapy

More relaxing therapy helps to increase the blood flow to the muscles, drain inflammation and pull toxins out. Offered in 15, 30 or 60 minute sessions.

Electric Stimulation

With the use of electrodes on the skin, light electric impulses are penetrating to reach affected muscles and assure the appropriate retraining of the muscle fibers.

Low Level Cold Laser

Similar to infrared therapy, provides great results with sinuses problems, chronic tendonitis and scarring.

Inter-segmental Traction

The patient lies on the table and a roller moves up and down the spine giving a soft and relaxing traction.

Nutritional Consultation/Supplements

Whether it is to adjust the dosage of your current supplements or determine what supplements you should be taking, the doctor will perform a one-on-one non-invasive evaluation.

Wellness Coaching

This newer concept gives accountability and motivation to an individual who would like assistance in achieving specific health goals. Most coaching is performed on the phone and email. Goals range from weight loss to quiting smoking and everything in between. Call or email to see if coaching is right for you.

We accept all major insurance plans. Do not hesitate to call us to find out your specific benefits. No insurance? No problem! We offer very affordable care and can make arrangements to fit your budget. We also accept Care Credit.