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Bone Health

Bones: They Do More Than You Think

By Dr. Kendra Styron

We have learned since early youth that strong bones are vital to being healthy. It has been drilled into our brains that the vitality of strong bones will help the prevention of osteoporosis in the future. These are all very true statements. But our bones do much more for our bodies than you might think! Bones are the architectural building blocks to the artwork that is our body. They provide us stability, protection, and keep us standing tall and strong. It is important to keep bones strong so they can continue to provide all these amazing benefits throughout the aging process.

But this is still just the surface of what bones accomplish for our bodies. Within the core of each bone, there is marrow which produces blood cells! Our bones actually help create our blood, and as we all know, blood is vital to life. This marrow is so powerful that it makes over 200 billion new cells daily. Out of these cells, some will become strong immune cells that keep us healthy, some dendritic cells which keep our nerves sending strong signals, and some blood cells to keep all our organs full of oxygen to aid in proper function. Our bones may stop growing in our youth, but thankfully they never finish remodeling. Cells within our bony structure are continually building a matrix of new bone while simultaneously breaking down the old bone. Eating nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D3, magnesium, and Vitamin K give our bones the materials they need to build the strongest housing to outlast the strains our bodies place upon them. Green leafy vegetables will help provide the majority of these nutrients (including calcium). Vitamin D is available for us via the sunshine, but getting it through a good supplement or multivitamin will help you get up to the recommended amounts. These vitamins, in addition to proper exercise, allow our bones to stay strong and produce healthy nerve cells, blood cells, and disease-fighting cells.

Next time you have a moment to ponder, think about all the parts of your body that function "behind the scenes". We truly were created to be amazing machines and our body does most of it without our knowledge. Let's do our best to give our bodies the tools (nutrients, fitness, lifestyle) to allow the best version of ourselves to be created each day.